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Q.1-) Can you engrave our logo onto the gift ?
Ans-) Yes, all we require is a reasonably high resolution image file, emailed or uploaded to us. Engraving is only possible on light wood.

Q.2-) Will Global Craft provide a sample ?
Ans-) We send you a proof for you to approve, usually sent by fax or email. Should an actual physical sample be required, the cost would be 5           times The Negotiated Price of the piece plus Rs. 15/sq in. for laser etching in case of an etched sample.

Q.3-) What is the cost to Engrave / Emboss our gifts ?
Ans-) Rs. 200 per colour fixed charge for printing for sample. Rs.500 fixed charge for Engraving for sample. Production orders for Printing would           be undertaken @ Rs.5/colour per piece (+Rs.200/- fixed charges). Production Orders for Engraving would be undertaken @ Rs.15 per           square inch (+Rs.500 fixed charges)

Q.4-) How do I order engraving / embossing online ?
Ans-) Drop us a mail on / explaining what you want & attach a high resolution file in jpg & cdr          formats to the mail

Q.5-) What format and resolution should my artwork be ?
Ans-) Logo should be uploaded at the time of order or emailed as 300 dpi image file. We can work with most resolutions/ formats, but 300 dpi jpg          is best, then we would check the image quality and get back in case of any problem. There are some restrictions to the possibility of a logo’s         engraving. For example gradients cannot be engraved.

Q.6-) What is the minimum quantity I can order ?
Ans-) Minimum Order Quantity for any product is 50 pieces

Q.7-) How long does it take to personalized our order?
Ans-) It would take approximately 6-8 weeks for up to 1000 pcs.


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