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Wooden Boxes Series

Q. 1 - How do I order?
Ans. - Please call us on 09336225231 / 09335277854 or email us your requirement on /

Q. 2 - How will my product be packed?
Ans. - All our products come in simple bubble paper packed in a master carton. Thermocol if required for breakable products. For special packaging, the           following options are available - Corrugated box, wooden box, glass/mica/wooden box - at an extra cost of INR  20 onwards, depending on the           product and type of packing required.

Q. 3 - How do i get my products personalised?
Ans. - Click here for our BRANDING FAQ Section.

Q. 4 - What is over runs and under runs?
Ans. - Every factory in the promotional products industry has over runs and under runs that are up to 5% but some may be as much as 10% that           means, for example, the pieces the factory can ship to you can be up to 5% more or less than what you order. You are responsible for paying           for what you receive. If you receive 142 pcs you will pay for 142 pcs. If you receive 150 pcs you will pay for 150 pcs.

Q. 5 - How much will be shipping cost?
Ans.- For quantity of 1 pcs shipped within India it would cost INR 100. For larger quantities the frieght cost depends on the item and the quantity          shipped and the location where we are shipping. It is hard to estimate your shipping costs. The same would be communicated once the quantities/          Items is  confirmed on specific request on your E-mail.

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